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Welcome to Total Imports We have been in business since 2008 and offer our clients an easy, affordable and dependable way to shop, from the convenience of your home. Our clients save money through our Service by allowing us import their cargo, clear customs and deliver them to the client’s home at a reasonable cost. Our services eliminate the unnecessary hassle, expense and the tedious process of importing and clearing goods. Our shipments arrive in Antigua twice weekly, on Tuesdays via air freight and Thursdays via sea freight, please note that our processing time is one - two business days. The total cost to be paid prior to receiving the goods is made up of three basic fees, namely:


Total Imports fully exploits the technology to support its operations and other activities. The multiple use of scanners to manifest and record the movement of each and every shipment that passes through our network helps to create a successful Trace and Track facility in the system. The company has achieved 100% computerization within its network.


Total Imports has young feet of managers at all the locations with quite a good experience and manages the day to day affairs and provides strategic direction to the company. A highly dedicated and professional team at the middle level ensures the smooth functioning of operations to maintain high quality standard of services. In addition, a strong force of workers directly or indirectly, ensures the smooth execution of the operations at the root level.

Our Management Team

The Total Imports management team is comprised of tech savvy entrepreneurs and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.

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